Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bout of Books Day 1

So 'ello everyone!

As you probably figured, I am participating in Bout of Books again. Bout of Books is a big read-a-thon with many great people and a sure way to have some fun!

The read-a-thon lasts for one week and everyone's free to set up his or her own goals. Last year my goals were to read 300 pages a day (I forgot if I met that goal or not). But this year my goal's a little smaller. I am working from Monday to Friday, eight hours each day, so my time for reading is spare. Especially considering the fact that as soon as I come home all I want to do is sleep, sleep, and sleep some more.
So this year my goal is to read at least 200 pages a day, or in total 1400 pages. And here is what I got so far:

On day one, Monday, I managed to read a total of 251 pages (which means I am already +51).
I started and finished The Woman in Black by Susan Hill (you know the one they turned into a movie with Daniel Radcliff) which had 202 pages.
I listened to two chapters of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (32 pages). And I think I will never be finished with that one.
I started reading Gothic - Darker Stories by various authors (17 pages) and I am not that much liking it so far.

So all my stats look like this:

Books finished: 1
Pages read: 251
Pages to read for my goal: 1149

Are you participating? What are your goals and what have you read so far?
Happy Reading!

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