Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Back again?!

Hello? *only echo answers*

Well it has been almost a year since I last posted something on here and I am quiet unsure if anyone still follows me on here. I do remember though how much fun it was to share my thoughts with all of you guys.
I will be trying to get back on a regular posting schedule during the next week and hopefully keep this blog up again. It is only a test phase though, so do not expect too much!

I really did not read at all this year. Well I read a little, but I only finished two books since January (!) which is kind of lame, considering it has been five months and I managed to read 45 books last year.

But three things have kept me really busy: The new school I am attending, my work in the hospital and mostly my writing. I am writing regularly (like daily!) on my tumblr roleplay account and it's a lot of fun. So if you have a tumblr, too, come and say hi! :D

Anyway, I will check out this years Bout of Books read-a-thon because I am really interested in joining and hopefully make a post about it this week. I plan on posting each Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I hope that will work! :D

Until then, keep reading!
Love and Words

Post Scriptum: I may be searching for a co-moderator since Rachel is really really busy with university herself and maybe that could help me keep this one updated :)

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