Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bout of Books Day 2

So yesterday I was so tired I wasn't able to upload another update. My second bout of books day did not go as good as the first one, but I still managed to read quiet a lot (more than today *cough*)
Here are the stats:

Books finished: 3
Pages Read: 401 (150 on Day 2)
Pages to read for my goal: 999
On track ? Yes
All the books I read:
1. The Woman in Black by Susan Hill (Complete)
2. The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien (had only 23 pages left)
3. Hadji Murat by Leo Tolstoi (had only 127 pages left)

Are you participating? What are your goals for this week?
Happy reading!

PS: I will be updating this post with my reviews and commentaries as soon as the Read a Ton is over and I have more time ;D

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bout of Books Day 1

So 'ello everyone!

As you probably figured, I am participating in Bout of Books again. Bout of Books is a big read-a-thon with many great people and a sure way to have some fun!

The read-a-thon lasts for one week and everyone's free to set up his or her own goals. Last year my goals were to read 300 pages a day (I forgot if I met that goal or not). But this year my goal's a little smaller. I am working from Monday to Friday, eight hours each day, so my time for reading is spare. Especially considering the fact that as soon as I come home all I want to do is sleep, sleep, and sleep some more.
So this year my goal is to read at least 200 pages a day, or in total 1400 pages. And here is what I got so far:

On day one, Monday, I managed to read a total of 251 pages (which means I am already +51).
I started and finished The Woman in Black by Susan Hill (you know the one they turned into a movie with Daniel Radcliff) which had 202 pages.
I listened to two chapters of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (32 pages). And I think I will never be finished with that one.
I started reading Gothic - Darker Stories by various authors (17 pages) and I am not that much liking it so far.

So all my stats look like this:

Books finished: 1
Pages read: 251
Pages to read for my goal: 1149

Are you participating? What are your goals and what have you read so far?
Happy Reading!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Will there be a Blood Promise Graphic Novel?

So this week (on Tuesday) Richelle Mead tweeted this stunningly beautiful picture of Sydney by the VA graphic novel artist Emma Vieceli. But afterwards she also tweeted that there is no news of a Blood Promise graphic novel:

But while we are waiting (and hopefully for a yes) we still have the Blood Promise book, and the Vampire Academy graphic novels!
Blood Promise is, for those who don't know, the last book in the amazing Vampire Academy series (go to goodreads for bookinfo!)
More infos on Richelle Mead can be found in the tag and on her official page. Oh and go read the books, I loved Vampire Academy!

Until next time, Happy reading!

PS: yes, I am working on a new catch phrase

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Back again?!

Hello? *only echo answers*

Well it has been almost a year since I last posted something on here and I am quiet unsure if anyone still follows me on here. I do remember though how much fun it was to share my thoughts with all of you guys.
I will be trying to get back on a regular posting schedule during the next week and hopefully keep this blog up again. It is only a test phase though, so do not expect too much!

I really did not read at all this year. Well I read a little, but I only finished two books since January (!) which is kind of lame, considering it has been five months and I managed to read 45 books last year.

But three things have kept me really busy: The new school I am attending, my work in the hospital and mostly my writing. I am writing regularly (like daily!) on my tumblr roleplay account and it's a lot of fun. So if you have a tumblr, too, come and say hi! :D

Anyway, I will check out this years Bout of Books read-a-thon because I am really interested in joining and hopefully make a post about it this week. I plan on posting each Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I hope that will work! :D

Until then, keep reading!
Love and Words

Post Scriptum: I may be searching for a co-moderator since Rachel is really really busy with university herself and maybe that could help me keep this one updated :)
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