Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weekly Update for July and BooktubeAThon Update

Hello :)
I know it's been long but I was on vacation in London and... well you know me! I'm still not sure if I want to keep up blogging or just continue reading...
But I read a lot in the last couple of days so I still have some reviews I want to write and post here (and some Netgalley reviews I have to make).

Anyway here is the weekly update which will be a little longer than normal since there is also a BookTubeAThon update at the end :D (And it's been a long while since the last Weekly Round Up)
I will answer three questions that the people over on the Penguin Teen Australia Blog answer every week, too. It is a nice way to keep you updated with my reading :)

1. What is new on your shelf?

Remember the book buying ban I was on? Forget it *cough* I lasted almost a month without buying anything so that is pretty long for me! And then I went on vacation in London and I stepped into a shop (it wasn't even a bookshop!) and there was The White Queen by Philippa Gregory staring right at me! If you read the previous installments of my weekly update you know how much I wanted to read this book since months!
I bought it. And I finished it within the five days I was on vacation. It was awesome reading a book that takes mostly place in London and in the Tower and then visiting the locations. (My friends were afraid I would faint in the Tower because I was so excited. But come on! I walked on the same steps as Henry VIII and Richard III who would have not fainted?)
Because I loved the first book so much and the TV series is amazing so I ordered the rest of The Cousin Wars series, The Red Queen, The Lady of the Lake, and The Kingmaker's Daughter. I will get them tomorrow (Yay!) just in time to read them for the BookTubeAThon ;)
I also bought The Romance of Tristan by Beroul in a old Penguin Edition from the seventies. It is my favourite love story and it was cheap, don't judge me!
So while my friends shopped for clothes on Oxford Street in London I also got War and Peace by Leo Tolstoi, which has been on my TBR for a long time now, The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli, A Miscellany of Britain by Tom O'Meara, which is a short little book about People, Places, History, and the Culture of Britain. And I bought a cute little book about William Shakespeare's plays and The Terrible Tudors and Slimy Stuarts by Horrible History author Terry Deary. I just love History and these books are hands down incredible funny and great children's books.
So yes... I did buy a lot of books in London, I guess I now have to get back on my book buying ban :(

2. What have you just finished on your shelf?

To make up for my completely out of control book buying in London I read a lot in the last week, too. First I finished Children of Ymir by K.S. Daniels which is a prequel short story for The Valkyrie Profiles. I really liked this story since it has the same interesting Sci-Fi setting as the book and the ending just killed me. A review is coming right your way!

After that I finished reading The White Queen, which (yes, I have to say it again) was just amazing! It is about Elizabeth Woodville and the War of the Roses in England. If you are interested in history or good old period stories you have to read this book!

I also finished the two Horrible History books which were really short reads and as I said before, very funny. After that the BookTubeAThon started and I already read two books, Shifter and Love Exactly. I plan to write a review for all of books mentioned in this post so you will learn more about them.

3. What is the most anticipated book you want to read next?

During the last few weekly updates the answer to this question was always The White Queen and now that I have finished it I cannot wait to read the other books in the series, especially The Kingmaker's Daughter since it is about Anne Neville and therefore about my favourite british king Richard III.
And I am getting the books tomorrow! *bookshimney*

What is BookTubeAThon? It's a reading marathon hosted over on the Booktube community. But I don't have a Booktube account (yet ;D) so I just thought I'll update you with a normal Blogpost. I am doing regular updates via twitter and would love to hear from other participants :) So just stalk me there, if you want to :)
If you want to find out more about the BookTubeAThon check out the official videos.

I did not read as much as I wanted to in the first two days, I did not make the 300 pages a day challenge but I am determined to change that today!

On the first day I (finally!) finished reading Shifter by Janice Hardy and that, with only 120 pages was all the reading I did on that day.
On the second day I finished reading Love Exactly by Cassandra Giovanni, which was awesome. I will definitely write a review about this book and you should all check the book out! After that I read a little bit of The Romance of Tristan by Beroul, but it didn't capture me so instead I started reading A Miscellany of Britain by Tom O'Meara, which is really interesting and funny :) So all in all I read 222 pages on the second day. It is still not as much as I wanted but better than on the first day and definitely more than I would have read normaly. So the BookTubeAThon is a success for me :) (I really need to get into reading again, I am reading not much lately! :( )

Today I am still reading A Miscellany of Britain but it is really short so I am sure I will finish it today. I also started to listening to my copy of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevensson. It's a short Penguin Readers version with only 61 pages so I will definitely go through it today. Which means I will finish the Read an audiobook and the ReRead a Book challenge today. Yay :)

That was it from me for now, I have to go back to reading! :)

What are you reading this week?
Love and Words

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