Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekly Update June #2

Hello everyone :)
Sorry for the long silence but as usually I had a lot to do these days. Anyway since it is Sunday it is now time for our weekly wrap up:
I will answer three questions that the people over on the Penguin Teen Australia Blog answer every week, too. It is a nice way to keep you updated with my reading :)

1. What is new on your shelf?

I am still on a book buying ban... BUUUT I do have some new books. Let me explain:
I got two books for Read and Review this past week. One has been The Valkyrie Profiles by K.S. Daniels, which I got in a beautiful paperback cover. The review is already up here on the blog!
The other one was Persephone by Kaitlin Bevis which I got as an ebook and finished reading last night (well it was more like this morning...). I liked the book and plan on getting the review up by this evening or tomorrow.
I also got an early ARC of the ebook Love Exactly by Cassandra Giovanni. I yet have to read this one :)
It was my brother's birthday yesterday and I thought I give him the best present ever in buying The Complete Chronic of the Cthulhu Myth, since he is a huge Lovecraft fan. But he already had all those stories. So I now have two giant H.P. Lovecraft books to read. Which is not bad since I always wanted to read these... (But fear not, my brother will now get a copy of a Robert E. Howard book for his birthday).
And I do feel the need to tell you that my nine year old nephew gave me one of his favourite fantasy books to read. It's called and ain't that big, so I will probably finish it tonight ;)

2. What have you just finished on your shelf?

So, I already said I finished The Valkyrie Profiles this week, which was hands down, just amazing! And of course Persephone :) I have read a little more but in various books, so none have been finished.

3. What is the most anticipated book you want to read next?

Answering the third question is kind of hard this week, I would really like to start the Cthulhu books, but I haven't finished my TBR yet, so they have to wait a little longer. And since The White Queen premieres today, I am desperately in need to read that book, too!

How would you answer these questions?
Love and Words


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