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The Valkyrie Profiles by K.S. Daniels

The Valkyrie Profiles (The Valkyrie Trilogy, #1)The Valkyrie Profiles by K.S. Daniels
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When I read a book that I really love the first thing after finishing it is normaly heading straight to Goodreads in order to write a review. But after finishing this book I felt I had to step back a moment and let everything sink in before starting my attempt at describing this book.
I am not sure I waited long enough.

First of all I have to say: Thank you to K.S.Daniels for sending me a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review. It owned itself a special place on my shelf!

As you have probably guessed I loved this book! I am normaly not that big of a SciFi reader but this book proved to me that there is a whole genre waiting for me to discover. I would have read this book within one sitting if I had the time to read it.

But now let's stop the fangirl and start with a real review:

First of all the setting: The book takes place in the not so distant future on Earth. Of course technology is well advanced and robots and nanobots are part of every day life. I loved the fact that the author showed not just the positive aspects of more technic but also how that changes humanities view of technical things. I felt like the book was asking ethical questions about the use of roboters, how "human" they are, and what that means for us without really voicing it. (And come on, you just have to love Rehel!)
I loved the whole concept of the Valkyries and their norse names. It is such a completely different setting than the normal stories or legends with norse elements I encounter. It felt just right.
The worldbuilding was solid and enjoyable.

But the more important part of the story were the characters: Oh, I just loved them! All of them!
The different characteristics, thoughts, and attitudes were greatly portrayed and the characters therefore three dimensional and their actions understandable. More important though is the fact that the characters were so interesting. I found myself more than once thinking about changing sides during the story. (And I even fancasted the characters because I liked them so much. I usually never do that, but I just had to this time.)
The only negative point was that I do not really know how old the characters are during the main events (which made fancasting not easy). It is said how old there are at the begining but years pass by and I wasn't that sure of their age when the main plot started to evolve. I tried to do the math, but it did not really work.

The plot was well paced and had just enough twists and turns that I could not foresee to keep my little brain occupied. Even when I wasn't reading but showering or eating, you know the normal things you have to do that keep you from the important reading you want to do, I found myself thinking of different outcomes and twists. I did not see the ending coming though.

This story felt unique and new, which may to some extend be because I do not read this genre very often. It definitely left me wanting more.
So this is a recommendation to all those SciFi fans out there and even more to those that never read SciFi before.

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