Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June TBR

Hello again! :)
I thought I would start to use the TBR thingy as a weekly Wrap-Up and start doing Monthly Wrap-Ups and TBRs for each month.
So here (four days late :D) is my TBR for June :

In order to finish my 50in1 book challenge before my birthday I have to read 12 books each month for the next three months (because I managed to read 16 books in the last 9 months, I cannot remember another time I read so few!). I already have nine books on my shelf which I started but couldn't finish for different reasons. In order to finish these books the first three books of my twelve books this month are books I already started:

1. Labyrinth by Kate Mosse: I am almost done with this one and I think I will finish it today or tomorrow. So expect a review soon!

2. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury: I do not know why I haven't finished this one yet, it started really good but I read it in that phase this year where I just couldn't keep my attention on one book.

3. The Shifter by Janice Hardy: I only read the first two or three pages of this book, but I am determined to finish it this month.

The next two books on this list are two books I desperately want to read (or have to read):

4. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoi: As I told you in the last TBR thingy I got this one from a friend and I won't to give it back to him as soon as possible so I am reading it this month! And I just want to read it and watch the movie!

5. Hadji Murat by Leo Tolstoi: Same reason as for Anna Karenina, besides there is no movie for this one :)

And the next 6 books are books I already have on my shelf but haven't read yet. I created a TBR Jar, which is an idea I stole from the fantastic Katytastic on Youtube. You just take a Jar and put pieces of paper with the titels of the books you still have to read on it, into it. Then you pick pieces of paper. I use this method in order to get me reading the books that are catching quite a little dust on my shelves:

6. Germanica: Not really a fictional book, but it surely will be interesting!

7. Im Bann des Fluchträgers by Nina Blazon: It is a German book and it seems it hasn't been translated into English. It does sound like some good old fantasy...

8. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo: I was so praying that I would get this one to read this month! I am so excited for it! I would have put it on the place of Hadji Murat, but I have to finish that one first! I loved the movie of Les Mis and the story and the characters and... I cannot wait!

9. Please don't Hate me by A.S. King: I loved The Dust of 100 Dogs by A.S King and I am really excited to red more from her.

10. The Sorrows Of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: I wanted to read that book because I loved Faust, but my friend Rachel told me how bad it was and that she really disliked it. So I never read it. I am glad that I now have to read it, I am sure it is not that bad.

11. Black Trillium by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May, and Andre Norton: I kind of stole that from my mom's shelf years ago after I finished The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, but never read it, I do not remember why though. :)

It is kind of funny that, thanks to the TBR-Jar, none of the books I had on my TBR list for the reading challenge actually made it onto this list :D
The last book is a book I desperately want to read, which I also already told you in my last TBR post, but I wasn't able to buy it yet. And because of many reasons (the main reason being that I still have 84 (!) books to read on my shelf) I cannot buy it yet. So I can hopefully read it somewhere around the end of the month:

12. The White Queen by Philippa Gregory: It just sounds so awesome!

Maybe I will exchange The Shifter with A Feast For Crows by George R.R. Martin after I saw the last episodes of this season of Game of Thrones...
So that's my june TBR!
What is on your TBR for this month? Tell me about it in the comments!

Love and Words

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