Wednesday, June 5, 2013

City of Bones Character Posters and Trailer

It's fangirl time! I hereby apologize for me using to much "amazings" in the following post...

It has been a little while since I last completely fangirled over the cast for the The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie. A lot has happened since that time...
I was browsing the interwebs a few minutes ago and I just realized that I am still desperately excited for this movie. I cannot wait. I want it!!
So I thought it would be time for another quick post about it, just to get us all a little more desperate for it.

There were some new trailers... One being the international one:

Which scene do you like the best and for what moment are you most excited for? I cannot wait to see the glass garden scene and of course the final showdown :) I am really looking forward to seeing the Sellie queen, too :)
Now when it comes to the trailer there are several things I am really looking forward too: First of all the amazing cast. I just love Lena Headey, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Robert Sheehan! But when it comes to the actors I am mostly looking forward to Elyas M'Barek who plays one of the Vampires. He's a German actor and I saw him in a series in 2005 and had a crush on him ever since. He is a great actor and I really whish him the best for his career on the other side of the ocean.

Pay close attention to two scenes in the trailer. I mean the chemistry between Lily Collins and Jaime Campbell-Bower is amazing and they surely will make a great onscreen couple. But that scene with Simon, where he says "It has always been me" is so damn heartbreaking! Good job Robert Sheehan, it takes you like 10 seconds to bring me close to tears. How am I supposed to survive all that drama coming up for Simon? I will cry in that movie. Oh, I am so looking forward to beeing that "crazy girl" in the cinema again!
And Valentine's scene where he talks to Clary. Are that tears in his eyes? He desperately wants her on his side, but he realizes that that will not happen. I read a great post on tumblr about this particulary moment but I  cannot find it anymore... It was about Valentine and his motivations, and it was so heartwrenching!

Oh and I almost forgot that beautiful, utterly great but way to short shot of Magnus. How AMAZING!

And they released behind the scenes footage, actor interviews, and character posters. My favourite character poster is the one for Magnus Bane. (But I cannot wait to see one for Sebastian, fingers crossed that we will get this far!). I just love the line "An instrument of Chaos" and he looks so scary... I have to admitt though that I quite like the ones for Valentine and Simone almost as much. here. Which one is your favourite?
You can see all the character posters (and everything else TMI)

And of course the most important part: The fanbase is as active and dedicated as ever. Are you a shadowhunter? You should definitely read these books if you have not already!

City of Ashes, the second movie has already been picked up, though the first one hasn't even hit theatres. Isn't that insanely amazing!
Only two more months!! I am so freaking out already...
All in all I can only conclude one thing: This movie will kill me. I hope I can survive the whole thing and we get more movies because of all that heart break coming up. Let me just say one thing: Max.
That was mean, wasn't it? Now I ruined your good mood...

Have you read the books? What do you think of the Movie? Tell me in the comments :D
Love and Words

PS: Oh, and just as a quick note: The Vampire Academy cast is growing and growing, too :)


  1. Nice post! Have you seen the new poster of Isabelle already? PS: New follower!

    1. Hey :) Thank you very much for the follow! I'll check out your blog, too :)
      I don't know if I have seen it... I only saw the stil of her where she's sitting on the bed and the official character poster (which is awesome!). I'll check if I find another one


    2. It's on Cassandra Clare's facebook:)
      Question: you wrote you followed me, where actually? On gfc or bloglovin? Because I can't seem to find you anywhere between my followers :( Just want to make sure my site works okay:)

    3. Thanks, I'll check it out!
      I followed you via Google Friend Connect, but it's possible that my computer did not send the data because my internet isn't working quite right from time to time :) I'll check...

    4. It's working now:) thanks for checking it out!

  2. Nice post!!!I haven't read the books yet but I definitely plan to, before I see the movie (which I will absolutely do)!!!

    1. You should definitely read the books! I loved them!
      Well, I thought the post was a little too much "rambling", so thanks for the compliment (and the comment :D)



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