Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Book Challenge Day 18: Breaking Dawn

All right so I probably talked about this book before whenever it came to "bad" books. And I thought it is time to tell you why I disliked this book that much.
The Prompt for today's challenge was "A Book That Disappointed You" and of course Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer was the first one that came to my mind. But I have to say it is not the only book that disappointed me. Masque of the Red Death which I read last week (or the week before) really disappointed me too, to give you another example.

But I thought I just adress this issue once and for all and then I never have to post mean stuff about the book again. Because I dislike the "disliking-hype" that came after the first "Twilight hype".
To fully understand this story we have to get back to the begining:

I read Twilight. Back when there was only one book. And I loved it. I have to admitt that now, while I am older and thought a little more about this story I do not really like it anymore. Because of various reasons. But that is a totally different story. If you love the book continue loving it. One of my best friends still loves the books and the movies (do not get me started about the movies!) and everything is fine with us anyway. Because at the end of the day we are talking about just (!) books.

So when the last book came out I was so excited that I could not wait for it to come out in German. I bought the English copy. It was the first book I read in English without having to read it for school.
And the climax was pretty good (Here begin the spoilers!). It is a huge book in comparison to the others and there was all this drama going on with the Cullens having to fight the Volturi and the other vampires and werewolves trying to help them... And for most of the book everything builds up to that gigantic bad ass showdown fight.
And then they meet. And they talk for a few pages. And everyone goes home unharmed. And I was like:
What was that?
I am all for Happy Endings. But at the end of this book everything was magically solved and everyone was happy. It was so much "happy" that it felt more than just unreal.
One of the vampires died though. It took like a paragraph, three or five sentences for her to die. And then she was gone, and no one talked about her ever again. Not even her sisters. They just mentioned a few pages later that everyone was happy besides those two since they were a little sad about her sisters death.

This book had the potential to be really great. With a huge climax neatly buidling up to the melting point. And then just dropping down into the abyss.
And the worst thing? This reading experience made me question the other books. And I found out that they are not as great as I thought they were.

What was your opinion on this book? Did you enjoy it? Tell me about it!
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