Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Book Challenge Day 17: Favourite Quote

So I thought while I figure out my life a little I continue the 30 Day Book Challenge in order to get myself into blogging regulary (again).
The prompt for Day 17 is:

Favourite Quote From Your Favourite Book

Picking one book as my favourite was pretty hard so I decided to pick my favourite quote from my favourite classic novel, which is Faust I by Goethe, since I just love almost every line from that book.
And here is my favourite quote:

I am the spirit that negates.And rightly so, for all that comes to beDeserves to perish wretchedly;'Twere better nothing would begin.Thus everything that that your terms, sin,Destruction, evil represent—That is my proper element.”

 This is how Mephisto introduces himself, I will leave you hanging with it, since you simply cannot explain poetry (but I have to add, that it does sound a little better in the original German version ;D)
Love and Words

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