Friday, May 31, 2013

That TBR thingy...

So I thought while I am trying to sort my life out I give you a new TBR post! Welcome to that TBR thing!
I will answer three questions that the people over on the Penguin Teen Australia Blog answer every week, too. It is a nice way to keep you updated with my reading :)

1. What is new on your shelf?
My best friends brother was nice enough to lend me his copies of Anna Karenina and Hadji Murad by Leo Tolstoi. I cannot wait to read Anna Karenina! I wanted to watch the movie so badly when it came out and now I can finally watch it after reading this... giant book :D
I counted all the books on my shelves that I yet have to read and I ended up with a total of *cough* 83 books. So I guess I have to go on book buying bann again :(

My mom things I am buying to many books so do not tell her that I just got a new one: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo! I wanted to read that book since I watched the movie earlier this year, I just love the story and I cannot wait to find out more about these amazing characters. (Another big plus was the fact that it was only 10€ :) )
And I purchased a book for my friend's birthday next week: The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab.
See, there is this thing with me and my friend (it's not Rachelle though, she got a book for her birthday, too :D) if we find a book we would love to read but we cannot buy it in the moment (for many reasons) we talk the other into buying it so we can read it after them. "That book sounds awesome, you should buy it so I can read it!"
I always wanted to read a book by Victoria Schwab since I read a Sneak Peak of The Archived. The Near Witch sounds great and I am sure my friend will love it, I cannot wait to read it, too :) Another great plus is that gorgeous German Cover. Just look at that beauty! :D
And Victora Schwab is such a nice person! She is always so lovely on twitter ;)

2. What have you just finished on your shelf?

Well I read quite a few books last weekend and did not read a lot since then . One would be The Weather Factor by Erik Durschmied. It was amazing. I loved it. I told everyone  I knew (like really everyone!!!) that they should read this book! It shows how weather changed history by affecting the outcomes of great battles and even wars. It is so interesting! I did not write a proper review for it, because it is not a fictional book and I do not review non-fiction books. For several reasons (one being that my complete knowledge of this topic comes from said book). So consider this my: GO READ IT!
The other book I read was Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin. I loved some parts of the book but I disliked a lot of other parts of the book. I felt like it would have ended with a very negative review and - you know me - I hate writing negative reviews. So I only reated it on GR, and no review for you!
Both books have been featured in the last TBR post.
The third book I read this weekend was LA Candy by Lauren Conrad. I talked about this book before and you already know that I did not like it. So no review for it, either.

3. What is the most anticipated book you want to read next?

I desperately want to read The White Queen by Philippa Gregory next. I already had it on my TBR when I saw the trailer for the upcoming BBC series based on the book. It looks so amazing!
And the story sounds so great! It is about the war of the roses in England which ended with the coronation of Henry VII Tudor. I love that particular time period and I just adore history. And it does sound really romantic :)
Unfortunately no book shop I visited today had it in stock and then I saw Les Mis and spent my book money on that one... Before I can buy another book I have to read some of the 83 I have still standing on my shelves...

I still do not know when I will back to posting regulary. I hope you can bear with me a little longer :)
In the mean time I am off reading, you have a nice day!
How would you answer these questions?
Love and Words


PS: I do think this was the longest TBR I ever made up until now :D

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