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"Review" of Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Ruby Red (Ruby Red Trilogy, #1)Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

SPOILERS! Seriously if you have not read the book do not read this review!
I would really love to write a spoiler free review of this book, but I cannot do it because that would mean I am not allowed to talk about all these awesome things that happened. And it is one of these hard to write reviews where all I want to say is: It is awesome, go and read it!
And before I start to completely fangirl over this book and the fact that I can now see the movie (yay!) let's get some facts straight:

The writing style was good but I sometimes felt it was a little too casual. That on the other hand made sense since it was told from the point of view of a teenager. And maybe it put me off from time to time because I just outgrew this kind of thinking...
The idea and plot was really great. I loved the whole trust-no one-thing. Usually plots like this are really forseeable for me but I have to say that when it comes to this book I have no single clue who to trust. They all do not seem trustworthy enough for me.
I really adored the characters! Especially Lesley the lovely side kick :) She was so cute and tried to help as best as she could. My friends are amazing but I would not mind having her in our clique, too.

And now: May the fangirling begin! (This is where the descent review ends)

I just love the first kiss scene! Not the one at the end of the book where they are in the church. But the first one, when she jumps through time the second time and sees herself kissing Gideon. It was clear from the begining that these two would end up together. And I really hate it when a romance story is so obvious to the reader but the main characters just do not get it. Because of that little scene the awkward I-kind-of-no-who-you-will-end-up-with turned into actual knowing which, in my opinion, turned the whole thing around and I really liked that.

I have a very great theory about Gwen's heritage and the whole mystery about Lucy and Paul.
For me it is really clear that they are the true parents of Gwen. Lucy stayed with Gwen's mum until she gave birth to her and then ran away with Paul. We already know that those two are in love and that they want to stop the Circle from completing the ritual. It would definitely explain why Paul is so protective over Gwen, why she is the only girl in her line with black hair (Ned Stark's rule of hair colour based gen tests always works!), and why Lucy says she looks like him.
It makes perfect sence. And i just love Lucy and Paul together. The whole "Marrying on the Titanic"-thing was drop dead gorgeous.
I just love the book. Therefore I am more than desperate to get my hands on the next book and find out how their story continues. The ending had a really mean cliff hanger that was not really a cliff hanger.

The only thing that got me really confused was the fact that everyone was talking about Gwen having magic and she said she does not have magic though she is the only one that can see ghosts. Does that not count as magic? But if I am alowed to speculate about the next two books: I am sure it is a good thing no one knows this detail.

Fun Fact: When Gwen's mom tells her about the wardens for the first time she mentions Karl of Hessen-Kassel as one of it's former members. That may be not important for you and I am only bringing it up because I lIVE in Hessen-Kassel :D

And I just have to say: I am a little proud that this is a German book that got turned into a movie. You know I do not know many German authors that are succesful abored. Two would cross my mind right now: Kai Meyer and Cornelia Funke, maybe even Wolfgang Hohlbein. But the majority of these worldwide bestsellers you hear about in the blogosphere are Amercian or English. And do not get me wrong I think one of the great things about globalization (maybe the only great thing)is the fact that I am able to read all those amazing books. It is just nice to know that a few people are holding up the flag of my hometime, too :)

And now I am off to see the movie so I can give you guys a full book to movie review :)
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  1. I was happy to read that a German author has been so successful with their writing. I'm not German but have many German snail mail friends, so I have huge appreciation for German people :)

  2. I normaly don't care about the whereabouts of an author but it's really nice to read something in my own language for a change :)


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