Friday, May 3, 2013

My adventures in the bookstore...

So today I went bookshopping. (Yeah, I know I was on some kind of a book buying ban but I just love bookstores!) And know I am telling you a little story. I will call it The worst treasure hunter in history. I got carried away by the whole fairytale thing so just bear with me here :D

Our little heroine lived in a small village in the middle of nowhere. Well to be honest it was more like the middle of Germany (as in the exact geographical middle of Germany). She lived a happy life with her dog and lots of books. She loved to read books. And even more she loved to write about the books so other people could read them. 
One day she looked at her magic looking glass called the Internet and found out that a covenant of good witches, known as the publisher Piper, would publish the German translation of the book Taken by Erin Bowman. A book our little heroine wanted to read since she once heard about it months ago. 
The heroine could have told the looking glass that she wanted the book and it would show up magicaly on her doorstep. But she just loved the scent of bookstores so she decided she would go on a treasure hunt to find the book in the wild. 
But before she started her adventure our heroine told a little blue bird named Twitter that she was so excited about the German release. And Twitter brought back a message from the author Erin Bowman herself! Our little heroine was so joyful about that. Because everyone knows that authors are like superheroes and superstars combined, pure little bundles of awesomness.
And Erin Bowman said: Take a picture of it if you see it somewhere.
So the quest was clear. Our heroine had to find Taken, take a picture, and read the book imediatly.
As I sad before our heroine lived in a little village. There was no supermarket, not even a tiny one. And definitely not a bookstore. 
So she had to embark on a dangerous journey into the next big city. To go not alone she brought two of her friends with her. The lovely giant Martin, who was hands down twice as large as our heroine, and her lovely fairy Mary. And since our heroine is a sucker for fantasy stories she made a little war speech before they entered the big city. I can tell you that Martin and Mary were kind of annoyed...
She went into the first book store and searched for Taken while Martin got lost in the world of words and Mary was just kind of bored. She searched on the fantasy shelf, she searched on the shelf for YA and Teens, but no Taken could be found.  She asked the good fairy of the store and the fairy said: "No we do not have it in stock. But we could get it by tomorrow"
Our heroine was really sad. She could not make the dangerous journey again on the morrow. So she sent Mary to search for Martin and they continued on their quest. 
They had to survive some adventures in several fashion shops and a restaurant until they finaly found the entrance of another bookstore. "No we do not have it hear. But we can request it for you", the lovely bookstore fairy said when our heroine asked. So she had to leave without a picture or a book, again. All the while the other books in the store whispered of the great stories within them, trying to get our heroines attention. But she stayed strong and carried on. 
At the end of the day Martin was still a giant, Mary was really tired of runing around in bookstores and our heroine had searched five different stores without getting the book she wanted. 
So the treasure hunt failed, but this is still a happy ending. Because our heroine requested the book in the end from a little indiependent bookstore and she surely will get that picture and find out how the story of Taken ends...

...And yeah I admitt it, I bought another book, too. Do not judge me! Try walking through five bookstores without buying something and you will fail, too :)

Love and Words

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