Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just a quick update: COVERFLIP!

I am really sorry for the radio silence in the last few days. I have been really busy with real life and did not have time to read a lot. I know that's crazy, right?
Well since I am currently catching up on beeing a responsable adult while  my mom's away, keeping the house clean and mown the lawn and all that boring stuff, I have to neglect this blog a little. But I am trying to get back to posting regulary once a day before the weekend hits. Thanks for sticking around :)

But now the important update: Have you heard about the Coverflip movement started by the amazing Maureen Johnson? I do not know if it already is a movement but I think we should call it one because it deserves to be one.
The idea behind Coverflip is pretty easy: The author Maureen Johnson thought that book covers are often gender based. Books for girls look like books for girls and books for boys look like books for boys. But most books are not simply girl- or boybooks. You can read whatever book you want no matter the stereotypes. So Maureen Johnson thought someone should do something about the gender biased covers. And she started Coverflip.
Long story short: Follow this link to find out more about, because I am really bad at explaining this.
And then do the Coverflip!

What have you been up to the past week? Have you ever read something though the cover did not look like something you would like to enjoy?

Love and Words

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