Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cover Love: Masque Of The Red Death

So I recently started reading Masque Of The Red Death by Bethany Griffin. I am really enjoying it so far and no matter how  hard I try I cannot find something bad. Which made me stop trying to find something.
I looked at the book the other day how it was sitting there on my nightstand and I knew: It is time for another Cover Love post.
The thing is, I really think the English cover is beautiful. But I bought the book in my local bookstore which means I have the German copy. And I just love the German Cover! It is so gorgeous!

The German title is Die Stadt des roten Todes - Das Mädchen mit der Maske, which translates to City of the red death - The girl with the masque.
I really love the font and the tattoo of the girl, the colours look beautiful together and the whole atmosphere is intriguing. I love the ruins of the city in the back. The cover captures the story.
The only thing I dislike: There are too many models on YA covers. What happened to the good old fonts? And the cover makes the book look like a romance story. Which it might be. I haven't read much so I do not know anything about the romance going on between the pages...

Let's compare it to the original American Cover:
The model stayed. The colours stayed, which is a great thing since does colours look amazing together! I just don't get why it looks like she is standing in a swamp... Well maybe I get to that part of the story when I keep on reading :)

Which cover do you prefer?
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