Monday, May 6, 2013

Book to Movie: Ruby Red

So I promised I would tell you what I thought about the Ruby Red movie.
First of all I have to say two things:

1. I really really hope that this movie will be translated into English. It is really a good movie and the actors and production company would deserve it. And the fans would deserve it, too!

2. I started to watch this movie with really low expectations. I can name at least three bad movies based on books and only one or two good ones. But I was really excited to see it anyway.

Most of the actors did not look like I imagined the characters. Not at all. But I do not care about such things since I always think that the actors need to be able to act and not look good or as I expected the characters to look. And I have to say the amazing actors are the main reason why this movie was so good.
The whole atmosphere was sometimes to girly for me or they tried to hard to be scary with lightning and criptic movies (I mean what was up with that strange ritual at the begining?). But the actors embodies the characters so good that I did not care about some really strange scenery things. 
At first I really disliked Jannis Niewöhner as Gideon since he was so different from my imagination. After seeing the whole movie I now have to say that he played a great Gideon, he got the sarcastic and cold side as perfect as the caring moments.
They casted two of my favourite German actors, Josephine Preuß as Lucy Montrose and Kostja Ullmann as James the ghost, which made the whole movie even better for me. And aunt Maddy was, hands down, a perfect casting choice as well as Charlotte.
I think it was a little sad that they cut Caroline completely. I did not see the sense behind that.

I really liked the fact that they changed the begining and Gwen's second and third jump through time. She actually meets someone familiar which gave the whole thing more flair.
It was a little strange that she knew exactly nothing about the time traveling gen in the begining. It made the first part of the movie seem really rushed and her actions and motivations were not completely clear for me.

Aunt Maddy's vision and Gideon's first appereance were in my opinion over done and made the whole movie look like a movie for little girls that tried to hard at being spooky/romantic.
The only thing that I really really disliked was the fact that they did not stick to the cronologic plotline of the book and that they added so much from the second book into it.

Over all the negative parts were definitely smaller than the positiv ones and the actors were just great. Their perfect performance made me really like this movie.
So I do recommend it! This movie gets a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars. It is definitely a great based on a book movie.
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  1. I love the movie :D. But they had made ​​some changes compared to the book. But when I see a movie based on a book, I try not to compare them. Since no film can be just as you imagined or as it is in a book. There is much one can do in a book, which you can not do in a movie. I really liked the actors and hope the next book is made into a movie to :)


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