Friday, May 17, 2013

Book Challenge Day 16: Favourite Female Character

All right so for today I have to pick one female character... That's is hard. But so far the whole challenge consisted of pretty tough decisions...
First off all I would like to say some things about female characters in books. They do get a lot more hate than male characters. No matter what, someone always disliked the actions of female characters. They are too bossy, they are too ladylike, they fight too much, they fight not enough... Something is always wrong.
I think a lot of fictional heroines deserve a lot more love than they are actually getting...

But anyway, this wasn't about defending all but picking one...
You may remember that I once made a list called "My Favourite Heroines Of All Time", you can find that list here. Back then Arya Stark from the A Song Of Ice And Fire Series. But I am pretty sure she does not hold that throne any longer...
Which great character throw her down, though? Of course it was another ASOIAF character. I do not know what is going on with G.R.R Martin, but he writes great characters!

I just adore Ygritte. I love the way she speaks and acts, I love the way she is able to love and hate so purely. And "You know nothing, Jon Snow" was definitely the best thing that happened to this fandom.
And she made me cry. I do not want to spoiler... oh forget that!


I cried so hard when she died! And Jon just wanted to save her and she never got to see a castle *sobs*
They really should have stayed in that damn cave!
She was so brave and fought for what was right in her opinion, no matter what. She was a strong female character. I would have loved a POV chapter from her. Just to know how she was dealing with Jon's betrayal... And now I will curl up in my little cave an sob because of that terribly sad character death.
Yes, that is the reason I read G.R.R. Martin. He always makes me cry...

Make sure to check the Challenges Page in order to read all my answers!
Who is your favourite female character?
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