Thursday, May 9, 2013

Book Challenge Day 15: Jace vs. Aaron

Argh. I have to pick my Favourite Male Character for today. How am I supposed to pick ONE? There are sooo many swoon worthy men in YA it's unbelievable!

For a long time Jace Wayland from The Mortal Instruments was my favourite fictional male character. But Aaron from Pretty Dark Nothing is unbelievable great, too. I would tell you why he is so great, but I cannot, since that would mean telling you everything about the ending. And we do not want that, do we?
Let's just say he is great and you better go and read the book by Heather Reid like right now! 

What are you still doing here? Go and read it!

I loved Jace because he was so funny and smart. He had that kind of a Bad boy attitude and was a really tortured soul. I love tortured bad boys. I have a thing for them :)
But I am slowly (like really really slowly) growing up  and I know realized that being a tortured bad boy is great when you are 16, but not that great when you are getting older and want to settle down. 
So Aaron is not an average bad boy. But he is really tortured... That poor guy!

And there is a similarity between those two, I am not telling you what, though! We do not want spoilers...
Who is your favourite male character?
Love and Words

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