Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Book Challenge Day 13: Favourite Writer

Your Favourite Writer

I seriously do not have a favourite writer... I mean I love so many writers that it is more than hard to pick just one! So I tried to nail it down to three:
I really love Richelle Mead. Her writing style is great and the worlds she creates are wonderful. Unfortunately I never had the chance to read anything other than her Vampire Academy series.
J.R.R. Tolkien would be another author on my all time favourite list. I am sure that you cannot love High Fantasy without at least trying to read Tolkien.
Finding a third one is really hard because I have so many authors on my mind that I love and that would be a great addition to this list.
But I go with Cornelia Funke because I love reading her stories since I was around the age of 10. Her Inkheart trilogy showed me how mighty words can be and I am more than sure that she and her books are one of the reasons I want to be a writer myself.

How would you answer this prompt?
You can find the full 30 Day Book Challenge on the Challenge site of this blog :)

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