Monday, May 6, 2013

Book Challenge Day 12: The Twilight Series

And again it is time for another part of the 30 Day Book Challenge! Today the prompt was:
A Book You Loved But Don't Anymore
And for me this is definitely Twilight.
When I first read the book years ago I really loved it. My friends loved it and when we were talking about it a lot, an we talked almost every girl in our class into reading it, too (even some boys).
The second book was not so great but I loved the third and I definitely was really desperate to get my hands on the last one. Breaking Dawn was actually the first book I read in English outside of school. I wanted to find out how the story ended so badly that I purchased it online.
And it was a huge disappointment. I really disliked the ending and how a lot of things were handled in the book. This let to me and another friend to look back at the other books more critically and we found out that the writing style and the whole story was not as great as we thought it was on first glance.
I am still really thankful for the great time I had during the first read, but I am sure I will never pick them up again. I know how the story goes and I do not think this is a book I could finish twice.

And do not get me started about those terrible movies! I did not even watch the last two movies...
What's your opinion on Twilight?
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