Friday, May 3, 2013

Book Challenge Day 10: Faust I by Goethe

Today I am talking about my Favourite Classic Book.
This is, again a German one. And it is again a hard decision.
You know I love me some classic books. Dracula, Frankenstein, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Wuthering Heights, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Of Mice and Men, Don Karlos...
I love them all.
But if I have to pick a favourite one it would definitely be one by Schiller or Goethe since they were both great writers (and best friends).
I loved Faust I by Goethe. Here is a short summary for everyone who does not know the book (as always taken from Goodreads):

Goethe’s Faust reworks the late medieval myth of a brilliant scholar so disillusioned he resolves to make a contract with Mephistopheles. The devil will do all he asks on Earth and seeks to grant him a moment in life so glorious that he will wish it to last forever. But if Faust does bid the moment stay, he falls to Mephisto and must serve him after death. In this first part of Goethe’s great work, the embittered thinker and Mephistopheles enter into their agreement, and soon Faust is living a rejuvenated life and winning the love of the beautiful Gretchen. But in this compelling tragedy of arrogance, unfulfilled desire, and self-delusion, Faust heads inexorably toward an infernal destruction.

Faust is a strange character. I am halfway torn between really disliking him and loving him. Mephisto on the other side is really great. He pulls of some great quotes and is perfection in demon form.
The story itself is really interesting, showing a man that searches for the real meaning of life. What if one day you find out that everything you will ever accomplish will not be enough in the end? What if you want more than you can ever get?
And I just love the idea of the devil betting with god on human souls :D
What is your favourite classic story?

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