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Pretty Dark Nothing Review

Pretty Dark NothingPretty Dark Nothing by Heather L Reid
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Special thanks to the publisher Month9Books who approved my request via Netgalley.

I think it is really hard to write a review for a book you liked so much than writing a review for a book you did not like at all. Bashing things you hate is always easy but actually finding the words to aknowledge something you want the world to read is really really hard.
So before I go into much detail let me just say one thing:
If you are into paranormal books that are a little darker, if you are into love stories and knights in shining armour, if you are into books that leave you breathless craving more than go and read this book. Like seriously, read it now!

I was so hooked by this story! I did not expect to like the book so much, I have to honestly say that the whole "Highschool-drama-thing" made me think I would dislike this story. So I thought about giving it only 4 out of 5 stars. But the ending was so great and the positive points definitely outweighed the negative points. Therefore I went with 5 of 5 stars. Here are some of the positive points:

I really liked the characters. They felt real, like actual people I met in school and not characters out of a book. None of them was really the villain or the hero. Everyone made mistakes and did things they later regreted. Or acted honorable and did things because they were the right thing to do. They all were really three dimensional, which is always a huge pro point on my list.

I really loved the atmosphere. Quinn encounters demons, Aaron has psychic powers, and nightmares wait behind every corner. All these things come to life between the pages and are described in a beautiful, picturesque and none the less easy to read writing style.

The idea felt unique and fresh. I cannot say much about the idea without getting the feeling I spoiler you all. But it definitely was something different.

But the main reason you all need to read this story? Because I need to talk to someone about that ending! Oh, that ending!
The whole next paragraph can be considered as a spoiler, so read with caution!
You know those endings were everything works out perfectly, everyone is happy, and all loose ends are tied together perfectly? Yeah?
Do not expect that.
This ending leaves you hanging. I actually screamed "What? You cannot stop now!" so loud that my mom heard me over the TV. (Which is like a little miracle since she's getting a little old and turns up the volume a little too much)
I love those kind of endings because they make you want more.
All in all this book felt like the beginning of a series since everything in it was building up for the final moment. And that final moment was huge! Seriously, I would just love to keep writing about the shock I felt when the big reveal/twist came up.
Through the whole book I got this feeling you have, when you're angry at the characters because they do not see what seems so obvious to you. You feel safe because despite all the demons and nightmares going on in this story (which are all described so beautiful and vivid I actually shivered from time to time) you know that you figured the ending out and everything will get better. And then - BAM - the ending happens.
I really did not see that coming and I often figure out how a story ends.

At first I considered it a rather light read, wich is kind of strange since it's not a light story. Maybe that's just because I enjoy reading it so much. I can connect with the charactes and their feelings of despair.

So in conclusion: This book is tragic, sad, dark, and romantic all in one. I recommend it to fans of the paranormal YA Genre, and even to those who don't consider themselves YA anymore.
Just read it!

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