Friday, April 19, 2013

Divergent Book Three and Casting Round Up!

This is just a short update since I'm running out of time a lot lately:

Veronica Roth has finally revealed the titel of the last book in her trilogy and it will be *drumroll* Allegiant! Well it is not that of a big deal for me since I yet have to read the first two books.
There is a huge buzz about it going on on the internet especially with the book being turned into a movie. (It will hit theatres on March 21 2014)
Did you read the book? What were your thoughts on it? Would you recommend it?

In other great Divergent news: Shooting of the movie has officially began and the cast is asembled!
I already posted something on the matter when Tris was rumored to be cast and since I haven't read the book I will keep my opinion out of this.
But for everyone interested in the movie go and visit the authors official blog.

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