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Demonic Dora Review

Demonic DoraDemonic Dora by Claire Chilton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First  I want to thank the publisher for making me able to read this book via Netgalley. When I started readig this book I thought it would be a funny read and different from other demon books.
After all we are talking about a girl that lives in the attic of a church (which is pretty cool by the way), has a preacher father with a TV show that thinks all vegetarians are abominations, and tries to summon demons using a twister matt with a pentagramm she painted onto the back of it and ingredients she got via ebay.
Than the demons entered the picture and I changed my mind a little thinking this book may be darker than expected. It is not, which kind of disappointed me a little.
I really like evil demons but I am always open for some funny ones, too. I am a huge fan of Jonathan Stroud's Bartimäus books for example.
But the further I got with this book the more frustrated I got. The demons are so far from evil it actually hurts. You could consider this a pro point for being fresh and new but with them constantly refering to themselves as evil it is definitely a minus point.

I had a few other minus points on my notes in the begining but the overall funny atmosphere overshadowed them.

Sometimes I got the feeling the book tried to hard to be funny and the constant poop-jokes were really anoying.
After half of the book I got a little bored, too, since the story did not feel like picking up any pace. The plot seemed to slow down with each page and the ending was really forseeable. The last twist was, in my opinion, not shocking at all.
The motivation of the characters was really confusing for me, too. I could not understand what they were all about and the romance felt really forced. The only one I really liked was the little side kick. He was funny and negative, like a real demon.
But the characters themselves, except from their motivations, were interesting enough to keep me reading and stopped me from droping the book halfway through.

I scrolled through some other reviews on goodreads and people were complaining about all the swearing in the book. I did not mind the swearing in the first half of the novel. But after the second poop joke I kind of got bored by all the swearing, too. It felt forced.

I think the over all problem I had with this book was the fact that most of the jokes were not funny for me.
It started reading good, I thought I would end up with a 5 star review but in the second half the negative points just got to much to be ignored.

Funny moments cannot carry a story alone when the rest is missing. I think that is the problem this book has.

But if you are looking for a light and funny read, and if you think poop-jokes are funny, this book is definitely a recommendation for you

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