Monday, April 29, 2013

Book Challenge Day 9: Medea

So I am skipping day 8. The prompt for day 8 was writing about the most overrated book. I think Breaking Dawn is the most overrated book because that, despite the fact that I liked Eclipse, really disappointed me.
Therefore I wrote a post about Breaking Dawn. The whole thing ended with me completely bashing the book. And I am not going to post something that bashes a book so bad.
Do not get me wrong. I have strong opinions and I have no problem with stating them official even when they are bad. But whenever I write something bad about a book I at least try to be polite. Because somewhere an author tried really hard to write the best book they can write and it is kind of their baby. I will not kill someones baby. And even more important: It is only my opinion. I am in no way "right" about the whole thing. Other people love the book and will do everything to defend it. I respect these people.
Therefore I always try to be polite.
But I honestly had a really bad day today, so I do not feel able to write a polite post about this topic. I am not doing it at all. Maybe I will write one later, but not now.

Let's start with Day 9 anyway!

A book you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving. 

That is really hard. Why? Because I usually do not read books if I already think I would not like them...
Well it seems like I once again have to turn to a German book. But fear not! This time I am pretty sure it has been translated into English: Medea by Christa Wolf.
We read it in 12th class and the begining was really bad. It starts with the protagonist Medea having a fever dream, but you do not know that it is a fever dream. Therefore everything is really confusing and she talks about things that happened or may happen, and what she is feeling. For the first 20 pages I was like "What is going on here? Who is she, what is she talking about? I hope the rest of the book is not like this"
But if you get through those first 20 pages the book is really great. Honestly, hands down, it was one of the best books I ever read in school. And I wrote my exams in English and German so I did nothing than reading books for three years.
So book is a retelling of the ancient Greek myth of Medea who is betrayed by her beloved Jason. It's really tragic. And the whole book is basically pure feminism. But it's great!

Would you check it out?
Love and Words

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