Saturday, April 27, 2013

Book Challenge Day 7: Wolfsgier

Today we are talking about:

The Most Underrated Book

I think a book that does not have the fanbase it would deserve is Wolfsgier by Brigitte Melzer. She is a German author and I do not think that her book has been translated into English yet. So you have to bear with me on this one.

The title can be translated to something like Wolf's Greed. The story centers around the young woman Emma who is haunted by a dangerous beast in her dreams. She lives in London, 1886, and everyone thinks she is insane. So Emma ends up in an ansylum, which is a terrible place if you consider the time she lives in. This is where the story starts and the atmosphere Melzer conjures is dark and haunting.
Emma is desperate to find out something about the beast so she escapes and returns to the place she was born, a little village in the misty Dartmoor.
But Emma does not realize how great the dangers around her have become: An inspector from London followed her to return her back to the Asylum, a mysterious group of men chose her for a sacrifice, and the beast is not only hunting her in her dreams anymore...

I love the spooky and sometimes really dark atmosphere. The characters are great and the ending...! Do not let me get started about that ending! I can simply not remember that any other book made me so emotional over an ending. It was so great!
And I am a big fan of the author anyway so if you ever come across one of her books: Read it!
Trust me, I talked Rachel into reading it and she loved it, too!

So this is definitely a book I wish more people could read.
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