Friday, April 26, 2013

Book Challenge Day 6: Marley and Me

A Book That Makes You Sad

Before I go any further into this I have to say: If a book makes me sad that is a good thing. Sometimes you just need to let go and let all the stress flow out of you. A good cry helps you with that. And a good book can help you cry.
But there was one book that made me cry beyond the "good cry". After finishing it I actually needed to wake up my dog to find some solance. That may sound worse than it was. It was in the middle of the night since I often spend all-nighters reading. And everyone else was asleep. And my dog is really really good at comforting sad people.
I am talking about Marley and Me by John Grogan.
You know a lot of my friends make fun of me because you cannot watch a movie with animals in it without me crying. We once saw a movie in school were a terrible nuclear-catastrophe happened and everyone had to run for their lives and families were separated. It was all really tragic, but I started crying because someone had to shoot his own dog instead of leaving him behind in the disaster. That was tough. At first they laughed at me but at the end all 18 girls in my class were in tears (some even near a melt down) and our teacher had no clue what he should or could do about it.
It was a truly great movie.

But I got carried away a little, what I wanted to say was: I start to cry when a dog gets shot on screen, a dog you only see for about 30 seconds and I start to cry. Because I can imagine how that man feels, shooting his best friend. I grew up with our dogs being more than just loyal companions, they were my friends, my family, and I sadly had to watch them go after 15 years.
So if that man on the screen, which I never got to really see, can trigger such major emotions and make me empathize with him, imagine what a whole book about a man and his dog, from the begining to the end can do to my heart.
Wow, now I am almost crying again just remembering how I felt about the end of Marley and Me. It was funny, great, and so very, very beautiful.
I never watched the movie though. Not since I had a melt down watching a movie about two tigers. I cannot remember half of it because of all the tears. And I did not want to be disappointed by this movie, too.

Thinking about it now I never posted a review... I may have to re-read it now. So if you never hear from me again I possibly drowned in my own tears.
What books make you sad in a good or bad way?
Love and Words

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