Thursday, April 25, 2013

Book Challenge Day 5: Wintersmith and Glennkill

 Today's prompt was:

A Book That Makes You Happy

This is once again a really tough decision. I read whenever I'm feeling lonely or sad so I can distract myself. Therefore a lot of books make me happy.
But if I have to nail it down, which I have, I would say anything by Terry Pratchett. He is the only author that never fails to make me smile or laugh out loud. So I choose The Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett.
It is one of my favourite discworld adventures. It's actually a fairytale about a young witch.

He has a way of writing, that is really special. He can make you laugh and giggle by every word you read and each of his characters gets more and more kinky with every page. But behind this funny facade there is a message ion every book. And the Wintersmith does not make an exception. Nothing is as it seems. (I mean what would a good witch be without a little Boffo?)You should always know what you're doing or at least try to think about it. But even if you do something without thinking about it, if you just listen to your heart (or your feet) something good can come out of it... or not.

It shows just like Witches Abroad how important stories for us humans and our world are.
The Wintersmith has a love triangle that is... let us call it interesting, special and unique. But that is what we all love about Terry Pratchett, his uniqueness.

Another book that I cannot read without crying from laughter is Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann.
In this book and the follow up Garou a flock of sheeps has to solve crimes.
One morning the shepherd lies dead in the field and his sheep are determined to find out what happened. Miss Marple, the most intelligent sheep starts here investigations and discovers with the help of the rest of the flock an old and deadly secret, that hovers over the village of Glennkill.
A flock of sheep has to solve crimes! Sheep! And a murder! It is amazing! And absolutely hilarious! It is just so much fun to watch the sheep struggle to understand our minds and to realize how stupid we are sometimes acting.

Which books make you happy?
Love and Words

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