Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reading Rules

Sooo I have so much stuff to do and I never finish anything because I'll just stop and read a book instead. Strangely that does happn with books, too. There is a huge pile of Currently reading books on my nightshelf and it does not get smaller but bigger and bigger and bigger. Therefore I thought I should set up some rules. And because I know I will find a way to work around these rules when no one's watching I need you to bare witness again. I'm giving you a list of all the books I have started but not yet finished and I will only begin a new one if i finished two from the list before. That is Rule 1.
But I wouldn't be me if that was the only rule.

My next problem is: I love to buy books. Nothing is as great as spending time in a bookstore and find new books. That's the reason why I usually don't have a lot of money in my pocket and even more important I have like 30 (!) unread books at home. So Rule 2 is: I am only allowed to buy a new book if I read two others before.

And the next list that needs to be smaller: My TBR on Goodreads. I have so many books that I want to read one day! So in order to get that list a little smaller (not that I think that will ever happen) or to at least keep it as huge as it now is I am only allowed to add one book to that list if finished one before. That's Rule 3. This rule already existed ones... and that didn't work out so good :D

See, all I need to do is read, easy, hugh?
So you will get a list of posts tagged with Still Reading where I talk about the books I haven't finished and, even more important, why I haven't finished them yet. Hopefully that will give me some motivation to finish them.
The first two would be Labyrinth by Kate Mosse and the Hobbit-movie-book. Those two will not get a post because the only reason I haven't finished them yet is the fact that I didn't have the time.

Do you have rules controling your reading? What do you think of this idea? I already think that this is a stupid idea, but I'm way behind on the 50in1 challenge. I need to catch up! I do not wanna lose and sing O.O

Love and Words

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