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A Game of Thrones Wishlist and predictions for season 3

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I finished reading A Storm Of Swords the second novel in George R. R. Martin’s A Song OF Ice And Fire series a few weeks ago. It is known that the third season of HBO’s Game Of Thrones (wich is coming in march this year! I cannot wait any longer!) will cover the first part of the book.
There are a lot of great things in the book that the TV series will have to leave out or change and I understand that completely. A show tells things different than a book.
But anyway I thought I make a little wish list of what I would enjoy seeing next season and what I’m looking forward too the most:
Be aware! There will be spoilers for what is going to happen so if you do not want to read spoilers, don’t read any further!

  1. Ramsay Snow
I cannot wait for the Bastard of the Dreadfort. And as it happens that has nothing to do with the actor portraying him. Yes, the actor is good looking and I never saw anything he stared in, so I cannot say if he is a good actor or not. But I would be looking forward to Ramsay in anyway, no matter who they would have casted. I really like Ramsay’s character.
There I said it. I like the most unlikeable character in the whole story (which is a title well earned considering he had to fight with people like Jaime or Cersei to get it).
In Westeros every character is made of different layers. George Martin has a great way of giving depth to his protagonist. No one has just a good side or just a bad side, you can understand every motivation, and find something great in everyone. Except for Ramsay. I can not come up with one thing that makes him less evil. He is cruel, he’s mean, and that is it. (yes, (SPOILER alert!) he saved us from Theon, but honestly the Greyjoy did not deserve that)
I think he is really fascinating and I cannot wait to find out how that will be transported to the screen. Sadly 

  1. Mormonts Ring Of Fire
I looked forward to Sam’s first chapter since I found out he was turning into a POV character. And the chapter got me hooked from the first line. I was really feeling with Sam and wanted him to go on walking so bad. But than he thought: “The Old Bear’s ring of fire(…)” (Page 238) and in my mind started playing the Jonny Cash song…
But anyway that ring would make a great atmosphere. Just imagine Sam walking through the Haunted Forest, snow coming down everywhere, and the distant gloom of the torches… That would look just great on screen! I know that he is not with the other Night’s Watch members at the end of season 2, but I hope he finds them again. Can you imagine Sam being alone north of the wall all by himself? I cannot stand the thought! Poor Sam…
Of course there will be many other awesome scenes, like Dany freeing the Unsullied, Bran's green dreams, the red wedding (though I'm not really looking forward to that scene :( ) and the death's of many great characters.

  1. The new characters
There are so many new characters (besides Ramsay) that I am looking forward, too.
The Queen of Thorns would be one of them, Salladhor Saan another. The Reed siblings will be a great addition to the show though I cannot quite come up with a way of how they could meet with Bran. In the books they met in A Clash of Kings back in Winterfell, but they cannot do that in the series, since Winterfell is already burned down. But maybe a greendream will lead Bran to Jojen?
There are not many characters in ASOIAF that I do not like and of course not all of them could make it into the show. Having too much characters would be too confusing for viewers who have not read the books (There are confusing enough while reading them. Imagine just watching it!)
It will be even greater to meet all those amazing old characters again. I cannot wait for the changes that will go down with Jaime and the road trip he's taking.

  1. The wolves and the dragons (and other creatures)
In the books the bond between the Stark children and their direwolves is really strong. Bran, as a warg, is able to see through Summers eyes and even Arya and Jon dream wolfdreams. In my opinion that bond could have been shown a little more in the first two seasons. I hope we see more of it in the third.
The Dragons! Oh, I cannot wait to see the dragons grow! And all those giants, white walkers, and all the others… They will look great on screen.
  1. The Last Giant
The books are always filled with a lot of great songs. In the second season we heard The Rains of Castamere in a great version by The National and Ramin Djawadi composed a great soundtrack
My favourite song from the book is “The Last Giant” and I really hope I can hear my favourite wildlings sing that song in one of the first episodes. But even if not I am fine with any Jon and Ygritte scenes. They have a great chemistry in the books and even a greater in the show. Though the last time I hear "You know nothing, Jon Snow" will surely break my little fangirl heart...

And last but not least: Many more seasons to come :)
The previous two seasons were more than just great. They added a rich part to the enormous world of Westeros and everything was just phenomenal. The music, the acting, the scenes, and settings… Everything was great and I am pretty sure that season 3 will be great, too.
So all I need know is march to finally arrive!
This post got a little longer than I intended…
What are your thought on season 3? Who is your favourite character and what scene do you look forward to the most?
Love and Words

And Season 4 will be even greater! I cannot wait for that last scene with Catelyn Stark in A Storm of Swords. That will look awesome on screen!

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