Monday, October 22, 2012

Some news about the blog...

Hello everyone :)

So I changed a few things around here and just wanted to give you a quick update:
First of all there is now a "Upcoming Releases" where you can find out which book releases when. There are still many books missing and while I try to catch up on that I would like to ask you: "What upcoming book are you most excited about?"
Also I updated the "Reviews" page, where you can find all the reviews I did for this blog.
And there is a "Contact" page now:

You can contact me over my new twitter account where I chat with other readers and authors or tweet about the latest news in book world.
Also I have now an email adress extra for this blog, so if you have any recommendations or questions email me at bookbreath[at]

Stay tuned for infos on Divergent casting rumors, the new cover of Natalie Whipple's Transparent or my review of Ally Condie's Matched (which I loved!)

And of course I ask you (as always) to tell me in the comments what you think about my little blog :)

Love and Words

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