Friday, September 14, 2012

Mari Mancusi signs a new book deal!

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Here are some news for you:

Mari Mancusi, author of the Blood Coven series just announced today that she signed a new deal with Sourcebooks Fire!
She describes the new novel, which will be the begining of a trilogy as more action packed and darker than the Blood Coven books. It centers around sixteen year old Trinity Brown who get's a Dragonegg which is destined to either save or destroy the world. Here is the summary taken from Mari's Blog:

When sixteen year old Trinity Brown's grandfather shows her the mysterious golden egg sent to their failing, roadside attraction museum after being unearthed from a melting glacier, she thinks only of its potential to pull the museum out of financial ruin. She has no idea it's the last surviving dragon egg of its kind--and destined to bring about the apocalypse.
Connor Johnson is a Dragon Hunter, sent back in time to the 21st century, to prevent the dragons from taking over the world. He knows this one simple egg, hatched and cloned and turned into a biological weapon of mass destruction by the US government, will lead to a worldwide conflagration, that will send mankind scurrying underground. Connor believes if he's able to destroy the last remaining egg before it hatches, there's still a chance to save the future world. And he needs Trinity's help to do it.
But Connor's not the only one after the egg. A group of dragon sympathizers, known as the Dracken, have sent Connor's own twin brother, Caleb, a Dragon Rider, back in time to also retrieve the egg. The Dracken believe that dragons have the power to save the world--if raised and bred in a controlled manner this time around. In short, if dragons become extinct, so will we.
Connor is brave and steadfast. Caleb is clever and charismatic. And Trinity soon finds herself torn between the two brothers--and their very opposite missions to save the world. In the end, it'll be up to her to make the ultimate decision--to destroy the dragons or save them from harm. The fate of entire world depends on her choice.
The book will be called Dragonbound. What do you think of that summary?
I personally really like the idea of mixing medieval creatures like dragons with a post-apocalyptic setting. I really look forward to reading a book which is a crossover between fantasy and dystopian. I'm a little afraid the love triangle may ruin the story though, don't get me wrong I love love-triangles but we had a lot of that lately in the YA genre. Maybe too much? Time will tell...
And what's up with the name Trinity? I like it, but I don't get why protagonists always have to have such strange names. This is not meant as a critique against Mrs. Mancusi, I loved her Blood Coven books and I'm really happy for her that she sold another deal (Congratulations to you Mari Mancusi!), but I just recognized that a lot of YA protagonists have strange names...
Anyway I will definitely check out this book. especially when it's darker than Blood Coven!
For more information on her other books or the deal itself visit the author's blog.

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