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In Between Seasons by Cassandra Giovanni

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When was the last time I posted anything? Feels like ages ago! I'm so sorry for the long silence but right now I'm not sure if I will keep up this blog in general. A lot of things are getting in the way and I feel like I become more and more lazy with each passing day...
But anyway here is my review for In Between Seasons:

In Between SeasonsIn Between Seasons by Cassandra Giovanni
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of „In between Seasons“by Cassandra Giovanni (who is not just really talented but really nice, too :D) through a Read and Review program on Goodreads. And here is what I thought about the book:

The story takes place in a dystopian version of North America set in the near future and follows the protagonist Kate Eriksson.
The world is at war. Kate is 18 years old and lives with her family somewhere in the middle of nowhere. All she knows is that something is very wrong with the world she lives in and all her parents tell her is a lie. One day she meets Hunter and he gives her the chance to learn something about the truth. But Hunter is not who he seems to be. They both find something in each other they would have never expected.

What I liked the most about this book was the clueless ness of the main protagonist Kate and that she knows not much about her world. The story is told from her point of view and is therefore really mysterious. The reader does not find out what exactly happened to the world. I needed to think about the book while I was reading it and to put the parts of the puzzle together while Kate was doing that, too. It was not too easy as in other books but on the other hand not too confusing. This really turns the book into something new and unique in the wave of dystopian/ post-apocalyptic stories that become more and more mainstream these days. And I always love it when a book starts with some action and you don't need to fight your way through a dozen chapters before something finally happens.
Everything Kate ever thought to know or not know crumbles around her as she learns the truth about her family. Cassandra Giovanni gives Kate a unique voice and her actions, even more important her feelings and thoughts are understandable and don’t seem to come out of no where.
Hunter on the other side is mysterious and dark but gives Kate and with that the reader the chance to see him from a different side. I really liked how everything turned out with them.
Both, protagonists and supporting characters are three dimensional. The author knows what she is doing and has a nice easy-to-read writing style.
Every character seems to hide a secret or pretend to be something he isn’t. There is a lot of mysteries going on and a lot of truth to be unfolded, but that never distracted me from the romance. The author is able to connect the storylines perfectly, one of the main reasons I liked this book so much. I never needed to think about the book as much as I thought about this one to be able to write a review. There is something mysterious about the story that just keeps you reading and reading. As desperately as Kate struggles to find the truth and deal with it, I wanted to find out what was going on and raced from chapter to chapter.
Sometimes the story slowed down a little, but it was never so much that I would call it a negative aspect.

I didn’t like the ending that much, but I can’t tell you a lot about why I didn’t like it, since I don’t want to spoil anything. It was a good ending, but it was just not my type of thing :D
Because of the fact that the ending was the only negative thing about this book the positive things outweigh and the story convinced me completely.
All in all I recommend this book to fans of the genre and everyone who wants to try something new. It is a book that makes you think but can still count as a light read.

And I’m pretty sure that we will hear some more from Cassandra Giovanni in the future. If her next book is like this I will definitely check it out.

Guess what? I'll be posting an interview with Cassandra Giovanni in a few days (or weeks, don't nail me down on that). So if you have any questions for her feel free to ask them :)

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