Thursday, September 13, 2012

50 books in 1 year aka she went insane... again!

Hey folks :)
And yeah, I'm well aware that I suck at posting regualry... But I'll try harder. I need to try harder. Here is the reason why:

So I asked myself what I could do in my free time to get myself back into reading and blogging more. Inspired by a Sparknotes post series (which you can find here) I made a bet with one of my friends (you all know her, it's the amazing Rachel Shelley!) that I would be able to read 50 books within a year (so from last week until my next birthday) and write a review for each... So wish me luck, I hope I will be able to do that, because right now Rachel is using her demonic mastermind to find a dare for me to do when I don't get to the finish line of this bet.

Update: So Rachel found something...something evil. Something I would never ever do freely. If I'm not able to finish 50 books and reviews within the next year I have to visit the Irish Pub with her and sing karaoke all alone. In front of everyone... That does not sound mean? Have you ever heard me sing? That would be the most embarassing thing ever and I will probably get sued for torturing the other guests.
Oh, and did I mention: If I not at least read 30 books Rachel will tape it so you can all watch it on youtube. Yay, for the evil mastermind!
So internet you are my witness: I will read or sing!

And I already started praying that it will be the first one. Because when I start to think about it now, fifty books are a lot...

Love and words

Edit 1: So I decided I'll post my updates directly under this post so I (, you, and Rachel) can keep track of my progress:
Time to finish: 4 months and 0 week
Books finished and reviewd:

1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
2. The Eagle of the ninth
3. A Clash of Kings (no review planned)
4. Matched (also used in the Dystopian Challenge)
5. Valkyrie Symptoms
6. The Demon Lover
7. Tuor and The Fall of Gondolin
8. A Storm of Swords
9. The Hobbit Official Movie Guide 
10. Danton's Death
11. Pretty Dark Nothing
12. Demonic Dora
13. Ruby Red
14. The Weather Factor (no review because this ain't a fiction book)
15. Masque of the Red Death (maybe a future review, 3 out of 5 stars)
16. LA Candy (no review because this book good 1 out of 5 stars)
17. Labyrinth
18. The Valkyrie Profiles
19. Persephone
20. Cypher, the mountain giant
21. Children of Ymir
22. Terrible Tudors
23. Slimy Stuarts
24. The White Queen
25. Shifter
26. Love Exactly

At my current pace I will: desperately fail...

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