Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fangirl heaven aka Mortal Instruments Movie Cast

CAUTION: This post will be filled with words like amazing, great, love, etc. and a LOT of capital letters. Pure excitement ahead, read carefully...

I know, I'm probably the last one who finds out about this but I'm utterly amazed and... I just can't find words for it right now...
I just checked the cast for the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie.
When I heared that they are planning to turn this book by Cassandra Clare which I absolutely loved and adored (seriously, I LOVE TMI) I wasn't so sure what to think of it. In fact I was just afraid that the movie industry would screw up another book.
And than I heard about the first confirmed cast members. I wasn't so sure what to say about that either. Of course, they did not look like I imagined them, but seriously actors in movies never look like the characters you imagined while reading the books. It is more than hard to find an actor that looks like the person every reader imagined differently.

And today I just found out that two of my most favourite actors of all time (feels like this post will be filled with LOVE ;D) Jonathan Rhys Meyers (yeah, lovely Henry VIII) and Lena Headey (all hail Queen Cersei and the queen from 300 whose name I just forgot...) were cast as Valentine and Jocelyn. How AMAZING is that?
They are both amazing actors and I'm pretty sure they will pull of the characters just perfectly. And that though I never imagined Valentine and Jocelyn to look like those actors.

Now I'm pretty sure the movie can't be that bad. Because there are a lot of great actors on board (for up to date information visit the official page), known for their character portrails. And if Cassandra Clare is happy, I'm happy too. The only problem know: We have to wait a whole year to actually see the movie. But no rush, good things need time.

What do you think about movie adaptions? Are they always disappointing?
Who would you cast in the Mortal Instruments movie?
For my reviews of the books and more info about the books and the movie just click the Cassandra Clare-Tag :D

Love and Words

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  1. I absolutely *LOVE* Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!!! Holy cow! :) But ooohhhh why does he have to play the bad guy. Although he can probably play bad very well. ;) Thanks for the follow over on my site, I have now followed you also and will really enjoy reading your updates. :)

    Christine x
    Rainy Day Reads


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