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Eternal Flame by Alyson Noel

Eternal Flame (The Immortals, # 0.5)Eternal Flame by Alyson Noel
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And as promised here is the review for Eternal Flame:
Published: 2010
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This book made me believe in Alyson Noels writing again.
It is a short story wich tells the first meeting of Ever and Damon from her bestselling the Immortals series.
The Immortals books are told from Evers point of fiew and this story is told in Damons point of view.
I read the first book in the Immortals series but never got to finish the second one.

First of, I just love the setting. Paris in 1608 is a place I would love to visit.
I like Damons art of telling the story more than Evers. Do not get me wrong, I like Ever... a little. But Damon is in my opinion a really great and deep character. It was fun to get in his mind, even just for a few pages.

It would have been even greater if Drina hat a bigger part in the story, since she is three dimensional and an interesting character, too, though in a completely different way.

I'm thinking about picking the next book in the series up again and finally finishing it. Once more Alyson Noel left me desperate for more and I can understand again, why I loved Evermore so much.

Yeah it is a rather short review, but it is for a short story anyway :)
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