Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Books to Movies: The Hunger Games edition

Hello everyone :)

So I finally saw the Hunger Games movie a few days ago - I know, I'm like the last person on freaking earth that had not seen it before :D - and I could easily call this post "How awesome got even more awesome".
You all know that I love the Hunger Games trilogy. Seriously after finishing the last book I was like "Oh no, why did you read it? Now every other book will be a dissappointment for you!"
But watching a movie based on a book you read is always a different story. Of course we all enter the cinema knowing that the movie will not be as the book, that they cut things out because no one wants to watch a four hour movie, and that you may be disappointed. Telling a story in a movie is always different than telling a story in a book.
I started watching this movie prepared for anything. Would I love it? Would I hate it screaming "They ruined the damn thing!"
And what did I did? I freaking loved it.
Here is why:

1. The actors were just amazing. I could see every feeling on the screen coming to life. Every aspects of the characters. Especially Jennifer Lawrence did - in my opinion- a great job as Katniss. The last scene, when they were doing that last interview I could read all the things going to Katniss mind in her face. She was glad she survived and still she was uneasy because of the treat dangling in front of her. (And before I forget: Team Haymitch and Evie over here! :D) And the other tributes were great, too.

2. The setting. District 12 was not like I imagined it, but the desperation was transported in a really great way. I loved the capitol and the looks of the people. A wonderful use of picture language

3. The last scene of Seneca Crane. No words for that besides: Genius!

4. Anyway I loved that they showed what was going on in the capitol since the books were just from Katniss point of view and left that out. It was a great addition to the story.

And here is what I didn't like about the movie: 

1. I understand that they needed to cut out things because the movie would have been too long otherwhise. But I didn't like that they cut out so much of Rue and Katniss. Her end could have been a lot sadder if the viewer saw more of her background and the relationship between her and Katniss.

2. Peetas and Katniss relationship. I think it wasn't as clear as in the books who loved who and who was just pretending. My friend for example got totally confused.

3. The Mockingjay. I didn't like that Katniss got her mockingjay on the hob. This way it lost, in my opinion, some of its meaning. It was still a gift but not as a sign of friendship. Anyway Katniss does not seem like someone who's attention is caught by jewelery.

But all in all this was just a great movie! I loved every second and I may rewatch it a dozen times until Catching Fire hits theaters next November.
Talking 'bout Catching Fire: They just casted Glimmer and Gloss, yay! :) And there are a lot of rumors that Sam Claffin would play Finnick Odair. Don't get me wrong: I really liked the actor (And I liked him in the Pillars of the Earth, before Snow White and the Huntsman! XD) but I just can't imagine him with blond hair...

Are you as excited as I am for Catching Fire? Tell me about it in the comments :) What is your favourite book-based movie?
I just hope the world won't go down in December, the end of 2013 is filled with so many movies I need to watch... The next part of The Hobbit, Catching Fire, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones...

Love and Words

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