Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Second Annual YA Sisterhood Crush Tournamet

Hello everyone :)
Do you remember when I posted something about Clary and Jace from the Mortal Instruments winning the First Annual YA Sisterhood Summer Crushin Tournament and the YA Sisterhood Heroine Tournament? No? Then read all about it here.

To tell a long story short: The girls of the YA Sisterhood are hosting the second Crush Tournament this year. Well, you probably already guessed it because it wouldn't ne annual if they only did it for one year.
I just wanted to tune in and tell you that the first round will start in July 6. So make sure to get all the infos here and to make sure you all behave like reasonable persons and do not attack anyone because he likes someone you cannot stand read this post. We are all fans of books and we should stick together. Always remember that!

Sadly this will be the last tournament since there were so many problems going on with hate mails and discussions and stuff. I do not want to get into too much detail because I did not participate in anything. I just watched. And I'm not happy about so much hate in book world. Get your act together people!
Noone should be attacked by other people just because his or her opinion on something. Especially not because of some book. If you look at it closely you will remember that does books are not real. The charackters are not real but the people you attack and insult on the internet are real. And even though you don not know and will never meet this people your words can still hurt them very much and cause a lot of trouble.
So please, do not ruin the fun in all this.
I am not saying that no one should be able discuss his opinion in a civil way. I am just saying that you should not fight over books. Because even though books mean the world to me (you all know that) I still remember that they are just books. There is no matter of life and death here. No reason to be mean to anyone. Especially not to the wonderful people who gave us these books (I still cannot believe that a lot of people send hate mails to Cassandra Clare because her characters one. That makes me not just sad but really angry, too.)

So lets all play together nicely, like my mom used to say when I was little.
May the best crush win the tournament!
Love and Words

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