Thursday, July 5, 2012

Introducing Rachel Shelly

Hello folks :)

Well, you all know how unbelievably reliable I am and you surely remember the huge time gaps between some of my post. So I decided to find some help.
And here she is, my one and only creative and awesome best friend ever :D

Rachel Shelly joins our blog family!

Some words from Rachel: " *sniff* Gosh,... I mean, Oh my god... I'm .... I'm just so honoured! Thank you, thanks to all of you! You cannot believe how grateful I am to join Kim's great blog. I just want to thank my family, and my friends, and my dog, and my plush toys - especially my longtime "5th pillow" Bunny..... -
Nay, just kidding! :D Well, I do really thank my plush toy Bunny for being such a great pillow and preventing my neck from hurting and so on.... ;) but just ignore the fact that I'm a total plush toy addict! <3 (*whisper* you know, I am going to go to the University in a few months.... I'm really too old for that... )
To make one thing clear right from the beginning: I am the Queen of the Crossroads! (For all of the Supernatural lovers :) for the others: just forget it ;)) And don't worry, folks, Rachel's not really the name, just my alias when it comes to creative writing ;)  ('The sky is so blue, a bird sings in a tree - my studies of political science are gonna kick the hell out of me.')
Just do not take my posts too serious and be aware, my internet sucks and hates me! So I don't guarantee for nothing! :P Thank you!"

So thanks to Rachel for that...great introduction and her "lovely" poem :) I'm sure she will be a great addition to our blog :)
So once again: Be nice and say "Hi" to Rachel Shelly.
Love and words

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