Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The First Truth

First Truth (Truth, #1)First Truth by Dawn Cook
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I found this book during my „Journey through Fantasy“ a few weeks back. And here is finally the review. If you want to read the first post about the book and the international covers, you can find it here

When i started this book I wanted to set sales and leave home, for a journey into distant countries full with magic, fantasy, and a lot of words.
Now I'm back and I can't say I'm disappointed. But I'm not totally thrilled either.
I can't tell you the exact reason why, but this book didn't get me as hooked as other fantasy books before. Maybe my expectations for fantasy is always a little high, since I grew up with the Lord of the Rings.

Dawn Cook, who you might know as Kim Harrison is able to write a book in this genre without making the reader think "Oh, we already had that", half a dozen times. This plot seems to be new and thrilling.
New lands, a new kind of magic and even more important new creatures await you within these books.
The setting is a place where magic still exists, but most people think it's all just a legend. People called the Keepers learn to use magic in a secret place in the mountains called, the Hold.
I really like the two main characters Alissa and Strell and how they're fighting all the time :) They are threedimensional and really funny.
And i even liked the villain a lot.

Though it did not get me hooked as much as others, I'm definitely reading the rest of the series. The cliffhanger is interesting but not to "cliffy".

I can’t tell you more, simply because I do not know what else to say. Something in this book didn’t work with me. And I can’t remember what.
I recommend it to anyone who likes a good but light fantasy read.

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