Saturday, October 15, 2011

bookish news...

So to catch up a little on what happened while I'm gone here are five news from the world of books:

1. Aprilynne Pike announced the title of the fourth book in her Wings series: Destined! And she also finished the first draft of the first book in her new series. To learn more about all that and even more go over and visit her blog Apparently!
Destined will be on sale in summer 2012 and don't confuse it with the new House of Night book by Kristin and PC Cast.

2. The Hush Hush Saga by Becca Fitzpatrick will have a fourth book! The series was planned as a trilogy but there has been a change of plans. To learn  more about the series go and visit her site or USA Today for an exclusive excerpt of chapter one of Silence, the third book in the series.

3. The release date of Hallowed by Cynthia Hand was moved. But don't be scared it was moved up not down. The new release date is January 17, 2012. Hallowed is the secquel to her debut novel Unearthly and is published by Harperteen.

4. Jenna Black, author of Sirensong and Dark Descendant, has signed a new book deal for a YA-dystopian Trilogy. The first book in this new series, tentatively titled Replica, is scheduled for 2013. To learn more about Jenna and her books go and visit her site.

5. Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr has finaly a director. Mary Harron is said to have signed the contract. Which brings Wicked Lovely a lot nearer to being made into a movie! Yay :) In other Melissa Marr news: I announced earlier this year that Melissa Marr was teaming up with one of my favorite authors Kelley Armstrong to write a new series, The Blackwell Pages. Now Melissa Marr announced that they soled the rights to this trilogy in several countries. To learn more about the project visit my earlier post and to learn more about Wicked Lovely visit Melissa Marrs official site.

More informations about the books and authors mentioned in this post are still to come :)
Until than I wish everyone a great weekend full with words

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