Friday, August 19, 2011

HoN Comic release date! (And other news)

Well, I`m not sure if I can speed up the posting-schedule a little bit, because everything is spinning out of control and I need to adjust myself to having actually A LOT to do.
Bye, bye boring holidays, hello stress.

And now to the news: I posted about the House of Night comics written by PC and Kristin cast as soon as I got the news about them. And finally we have a release date and the cover for the first issue:

The first issue will be on sale November 9th. From then on a new issue will be released every month, ending in March 2012.
Are you eager to get your hands on this one, since Pc said on her blog that "You get Z and the early nerd herd, and you also get ancient vampyre stories woven within the modern story"

Read the first post for more information about the comics.

Also I started  City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (finally! I know I'm late) and I can't wait to post my review for you. But until I'm finished I just have to say: This is pure awesomeness!! 

Greetings and a lot of fun with all those fabulous books out there!

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