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A wolf in a human...

Garou: Ein SchafGarou: Ein Schaf by Leonie Swann

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a review for a German book. It is a sequel and the first one was published in English with the title Three Bags Full

It often happens, that a sequel to a book is not as good as the first book.

Garou is totally different. A wonderful sequel to a wonderful book. Hilarious, interesting, exciting and you can even learn from it.

The sheep, we learned to love in Glennkill, are now on their big tour through Europe. With her new shepherd Rebecca and the old dog Tess. Othello is the new leader and he does his job pretty good. Unfortunately Europe is not the land of apple-trees and strange long breads like their old shepherd George told them in his stories. It is cold and it is dark and the winter is there.

A nice old lady invites them to stay over the winter on a little willow in the shadows of a huge castle and near a little village. Though they now have a shelter again their is one major minus: goats. Everyone knows that goats are insane and they smell. The sheep do not like their new neighbors very much but that (and even the fact that Mama is visiting Rebecca) grows uninteresting when the first dead deer is found.
The goats start to whisper about the Garou, a wolf that hides inside a human, and the townspeople are acting stranger and stranger. It becomes clear that Miss Maple the most intelligent sheep of the flock, maybe even in Europe, has to use her detective skills once again to keep her flock safe and find the murderer...

I can just recommend this book to everyone. It is, though sheep are the protagonists, a wonderful crime story with twists and turns, corps, police and a strange secret agent.

It is interesting to see humans, and their behaviour through the eyes of the sheep and understand how strange and unnatural we are sometimes acting.

The characters are just loveable, no matter if you look at Rebecca, Tess or one of the sheep. The whole book is just hilarious, witch takes nothing away from the arc of suspense.

A wonderful story, for old and young, for sheep-fans and those who may try it.

Best wishes and good reads to everyone

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