Monday, July 25, 2011

The Vampire Diaries First Look

Oh my gosh! I just wanted to show you guys this, before I head over to fan-girl-heaven...

Yeah, it is what it looks like. The first look at the new (and from this trailer as amazing as the last) TVD season!
This clip has been edited with some scenes from season 2, there are no new scenes (yeah I'm desperate for some new material, too) but it looks like we are headed for a new fantastic vampire year.
So I'm asking you a question again:

What do you prefer? The books or the show?
I use to see them as two different things, because the show is just really far away from the books, but still a wonderful story with wonderful (and hot) actors
Are you as fan-girlie-excited as I am or is TVD just another vampire-flick to you?

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