Monday, July 11, 2011

Telling a story...

There are many ways in which you can tell someone a story. And today we are going to take a closer look on the pros and cons of some of this ways, paying intention to two different points:

1. How the viewer/reader/etc. empathizes with the characters 
2. How a world can be created 


In movies you have only limited time, because of that the story often suffers. You need to introduce your characters and settings to the spectators faster and clearer so they can empathize with them and understand them, though they met them just a few minutes ago. Everything can be visualized better and a good atmosphere can be created.


In a videogame you have more time and space to create a large and colorful world full of wonderful characters.
The player empathizes with the characters in a special way, because everything gets kind of personal and he becomes part of the story.
In many games you have the feeling that you can change things, even the story, though the end is of course decided and determined by the game developers..
Like in movies everything can be visualized better and a wonderful atmosphere can be created.
But all of that just when the game is well developed and everything is done properly. If that is the case you have dozens of hours to explore different worlds inside fantastic stories.


Ah books, what we all love. In books you have the time to explain the backgrounds and pasts of your characters. You can build interesting worlds and stories full of turns and twists.  The reader empathizes with the Protagonist as well as with the Antagonist because he can read and understand their thoughts, their feelings and their deepest desires.
But with books you have the mightiest tool of all: the imagination of your readers. You only have words, with them you paint wonderful pictures into the heads of your readers. No matter if this picture takes place in a high school just like yours or in a far away kingdom full of elves, dwarfs and dragons.

What have these three in common?
Stories and words.
You can escape into hundreds of different worlds and leave reality behind you for hours, no matter if you choose a movie, a game or a book.
And you can use all of them to reflect yourself and learn something for your own life.
Wonderful worlds are waiting for you to conquer them. Get ready!

Do you know any other way of telling a story?
Tell me in the comments :)
Lots of Greetings

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