Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Releasing news :)

Here are some new releases for this month:

Since I love the A song of Fire and Ice series I'm really happy that the last installment is finally here. I know a lot of readers were angry because it took so long, but they should be grateful that something so wonderful exists. To all who haven't started the series: READ IT! The first one A Game of Thrones is an amazing start to an amazing and spellbinding series. And if you do not want to read it, watch it! A Game of Thrones was turned into a series by HBO featuring Sean Bean (Boromir from LotR) and many other talented actors.

 Okay, I do not know what I shall think about this, before I read it. It is a good thing that we can finally read some backstories for the House of Night series, because Backstories make a story always better and fill it more with life. But before the actual series ended? Mhm...

Kelley Armstrong is in my opinion a very talented writer, but I am not so familiar with her Otherworld books. I should change that fast...

Everlasting... *sigh* the final conclusion to the Immortals series. I just cannot wait to read it. I hope it is not bad, because that would be really sad. I am not a huge fan of the Immortals series, but I like it anyway :)

I love my Pretty Little Liars and I hope the ninth installment is as twisting and turning as the title promises...

That's my little recap of this month (the first 13 days). Paige Toon's new book will be released later this month, but I already blogged about that.
So into the Internet for more exciting book news! :)
See you soon

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