Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let me introduce to you: Steampunk

While I searched the internet for some new books to read I found an interesting- sounding anthology called Corsets&Clockwork.
So I thought, why not add it on Goodreads, buy it on the next shopping tour and blog about it? +
That's pretty much what I'm doing right now, only problem: The book belongs to the Steampunk genre, and I have no idea what that actually means. Of course I heard about Steampunk before, but what does that actually mean?

Well, thanks to aunt wikipedia Steampunk is a sub-genre that that first appeared during the 1980's. It is set in a world where steam power is still widely used (usually the Victorian era) and often features technology, fashion, culture, architectural style, art and things like that, just like the Victorians may have used or envisioned. In steampunk stories elements of science fiction or fantasy are often found.
And there seems to be a growing movement to establish steampunk as a culture and lifestyle.
Steampunk is kind of a hybrid between technology and romance, it's a fashion as well as a music style and of course a genre of fiction.
For anybody interested in that genre, I can recommend this wonderful site that explains steampunk a little bit better that I did... well a lot better :)
Have you heard of the new musketeer movie with Orlando Bloom? It has many steampunk elements, too :)
Here, so you can all imagine what I'm talking about is a picture illustrating the steampunk genre. The copyright of this picture belongs to Kyle Cassidy.

So enough about genres for now.
Let's go back to the topic of this post: Corsets&Clockwork.
The anthology was published this may and consist of 13 steampunk short stories. It features authors like Kierstin White, known for Paranormalcy, Maria V. Snyder, author of the Study series and Tessa Gratton, who will be publishing her debut Blood Magic this year, to name just a few of the awesome authors contributing to this new anthology.
The book promises to be a good read for steampunk fans as well as steampunk newbies, like myself.
And the cover is just pretty:

That's it for today.
I wish you all a wonderful week

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