Friday, July 22, 2011

House of night comic!

So after Vampire Academy and Storm Born by Richelle Mead another best selling series is turned into a comic:
Dark Horse announced on ComicCon that they teamed up with the fabulous writers of House of Night PC and Kristin Cast to create a House of Night Comic. In November the first of five comics will be released which will be collected in one graphic novel.
Different from the stories named above, it won't just be the books turned into comics, but totally new stories. PC Cast said on her blog:

"The stories will begin between MARKED and BETRAYED and weave ancient vampyre stories into modern day House of Night action! The amazing screenwriter, Kent Dalian, is adapting the stories to comics - AND YOU WILL JUST DIE WHEN YOU SEE THE ART! Joelle Jones is doing all the modern day stuff. She is awesome!"

SO here is the House of Night part of the big Dark Horse wall from ComicCon

The image was taken from PC's blog which you can visit here.  

Are you dying to see the rest of the art? What is your opinion about the new comics? Totally must have's, or not?
Best wishes to all of you and congrats to the Casts for this amazing new part of their House of Night universe

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