Saturday, July 9, 2011

Golden Lily Cover!

Richelle Mead just posted the Cover for Golden Lily, the second installment in the Bloodlines series on her blog.

The novel is expected to be published in 2012.
You still do not know what Bloodlines is? It is the Spin Off series to Richelle Mead's amazing and bestselling Vampire Academy series.
Vampire Academy is about a young Dhampir called Rose who is trained to one day protect her best friend Lissa from the evil Strigoi.
The series brings a totally new twist to the sometimes boring and yeah-we-already-saw-that-like Vampire-genre.
And the Cover is just amazing! I can't wait to read the actual books. But first of all it is Bloodlines release day in only 44 days. Are you as happy as I'm right now?

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