Thursday, July 7, 2011

Counting down the days...

Now it's July. And in July Lauren DeStefano will reveal the cover for Fever the second installment in her Chemical Gardens series.
The series started not long ago with Wither and is said to be one of the most promising debuts this year. Did you read Wither and more important did you like it? Tell me if it's worth a try :)
I personally hope, the cover for Fever will be as enchanting and eye-catching as the cover for Wither is. Because we all now You can't judge a book by it's cover but that does not stop most people from doing so.
Do you buy books after their cover? I personally think covers are really important, not as important as the rest of the book, but a cover is the first thing you see in a bookstore and if the covers not promising I do not look at the book a second time. Call me shallow, but that's the truth.
I'm sure, I'm missing a lot of great books because of that. Do you know any books that have a , in your opinion, ugly cover, but are just a wonderful read?
Of course I'll keep you updated about the Fever cover :)

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